263 Exotica For A Halloween Shindig

SQ Frankies Mugs
SQ Frankies Mugs

It is with great pleasure that Sunshine and Starshine bring you our yearly Halloween spooktacular.  We forgo the usual chit chat and bring you a party punch bowl with a dirty name and plenty of music for your darkly themed party.  Tiki, exotica and Halloween make a pleasant combination.  Enjoy the show and cheers. Music for your Halloween

Shrunken Heads: Clouseaux

Legend of the Lake Surfer: Crazed Mugs

That Hypnotizing Man: Don Tiki

Passage To Papeete: Kahuna Kawentzman

Zombie: Kava Kon

A Deadly Vice: Martini Kings

Monsters of Jupiter: Russ Garcia

Night of the Tikis: The Tiki Tones

Crossing Kilauea: The Tikiyaki Orchestra

Paikea: Truus

Punch for your party

The Witches Minge:

750 ml Vodka (Passion Fruit)

750 ml Rum (Jamaican Amber)

24 ounces Pineapple Juice

24 ounces Passion Fruit Juice or nectar

16 ounces Orange Juice

6-8 ounces Lemon Juice

Combine all in punch bowl.  Lemon juice can be increased or decreased to balance sweet/tartness.  Adding club soda or ginger ale (a real ginger ale, not generic store brand crap) is a nice addition to this recipe.  Use a bundt cake pan to make a large ice ring to float in punch bowl.  The ice ring allows for less dilution.  Chill juices before mixing.