248 Animals Drunk On Tiki Drinks?

Ok, so our title this week is a little misleading.  But we did find out that there is a fairly long list of animals that actually enjoy inebriation as much as we do.  Those elephants, bears, moose and the like sure love a good bender after a long day in the wilderness.  Who wouldn't?  Sunshine and Starshine are in the Zen Tiki Lounge discussing a lot more than drunk furry friends.  We have a good deal of listener email, including a great question that explains what a "room crawl" is.  For those that correctly engage in such an activity, crawling can very well become part of the fun.  Sunshine recalls a time when he had to pick himself up off the floor of a random hotel room and try to remember his own room number.  Ohhh, the fun.  Starshine is simply along for the drink this week.  Speaking of, our cocktail of the week is a sneak peek at just one of the two NEW drinks we will be serving at the Tiki Caliente room crawl and room party.  You want to try it?  Go to tiki-caliente.com and get your room and tickets so you can be there May 18-20 and experience the live music, vendors, sunshine, pool, cocktails and weekend long party.  We toss in a good deal of tiki related news this week as well.  Be sure to visit Ooga-Mooga.com for the updated website and news about better search features and the ability to add new collections of your tiki schtuff.  Ooga-Mooga isn't just for tiki mugs anymore.  And thats just the stuff we can recall.  There is plenty more tiki and non tiki banter in this weeks episode.  Cheers and Mahalo!