184 Rum and Fun Take Over the Lounge

Our show this week is a testimonial to functioning inebriation.   Sunshine and Kalani both sip a little hard on the rum and juice before writing down their talking points for this weeks episode.   No matter.  Somehow we actually ended up making the longest podcast in our almost 6 year history.  Our cocktail is was cleverly named after Kalani, the Kalani Cooler.  Rum, coconut, pineapple, lime and such combine to create a simple but intoxicating little number that Kalani will not soon forget.  Our music this week is a bit Skip Heller and some Les Baxter thrown in for good measure.  Kalani and I dive into some deep political conversation including Bush era tax credits, Obamas energy policy and the positive effect the economy has had on the US birth rate.....going down!  And, as we mentioned last episode, our faithful listener from Germany, Stefan sends us some audio of the first Rum and Fun event in Hamburg.  From the sound of things this event was a smash and Stefan and company had PLENTY to drink.  Good times!