183 Google Yourself and Tickle Your Tiki

After six weeks of pretending she has a life, Pumpkin is back in the lounge and wasting no time getting back to basics.  We start with the usual cocktail, a Bermuda Rum Swizzle suggested by Brad Beach of Beachoutpost.com.  Exotica in the background, dim lighting and we're off to the races.  Pumpkin may have missed Tiki Oasis but she certainly didn't forget to bring her calendar.  The calendar of useless holidays that is.  Sunshine is very excited for Sept 21st, International banana day!!!  Maybe not so excited for National Wear a Hat Day.  The smart move is to continue listening to show so you can find out how we celebrate banana day.  Sunshine vows to whip up cocktails and appetizers worthy of such a wonderous event.  Scattered amongst our various segments this week is the outstanding music of Martini Kings.  We play four of their songs from the newest album Lost in Paradise.  Big Mahalo to Tony for sending the album, it's been on repeat for some time now.  Pumpkin reveals that she is being stalked by prison inmates which leads to her finally getting around to Googling herself.  Yes, thats right.  Pumpkin Googles herself  for the first time.  Besides welcoming Pumpkin back to the lounge, cocktails, music and shenanigans, there are plenty of other surprises including listener mail, party planning tips and much much more.