171 A Tiki Bar Editorial

Our show this week is a solo with Sunshine.  The ladies are all out doing whatever it is that ladies do.  Sunshine hangs out in the lounge to share about his recent visit to Frankie's Tiki Room in Las Vegas.  If you haven't been to Frankie's you need to get your butt over there, just a few blocks off the famous strip.  The drinks are great, the ambiance is dim and subdued.  We also discuss a little about the upcoming solo project (podcast) that Sunshine's alter ego has been working on.  As if there weren't enough people telling you how to reduce your impact on our already burdened planet, heres one more.  But, from the point of view of someone who is actually trying to make changes in behavior and lifestyle that will have a net beneficial impact on resources.  A bit of a different show for sure, hope you enjoy.