170 How Green is Your Tiki Bar?

Everyone wants to be GREEN.  But not everyone tries very hard to get there.  Those of us here in the Zen Tiki Lounge would like to think that we have made lifestyle changes that are permanent and not just the "in thing."  Save water and electricity.  Don't use things at all when you don't have to.  Buy organic/green booze? Yep, its out there.  Fresh fruits for your cocktails can be sourced from organic and eco friendly farms.  Local farmers markets are a great way to support your nearby farmer and reduce your impact on the planet.  These are just a few of the ideas and thoughts in this weeks show.  But don't worry.  We kept with tradition and included plenty of silly behavior and off the wall commentary.   Sunshine also gives his glowing review of Beachbum Berry's newest book "Remixed." This jam packed cocktail history book will keep you busy making tiki drinks all Summer and beyond.