155 Chia Obama, the Worst/Best Gift Ever

Aloha and welcome to our Holiday Spectaculaarrr part 1.  Sunshine and Pumpkin are toasting drinks in the Zen Tiki Lounge and giving our faithful listeners plenty of Holiday conversation topics and ideas for the merriest of cocktail filled gatherings.  Pumpkin is trying to keep her holiday a little Zen, all her gifts have a purpose and come in reusable wrapping.  Check out Baggu.com for simple reusable tote bags in tons of colors that you can toss your gifts into.  Best of all, no waste.  Pumpkin also gives us some tips on how to avoid the high calories at the party buffet line (check out all the tips at (Real Simple Magazine).  Sunshine simply suggests giving booze to your friends and family.  Everyone will eventually use or need a good drink so no waste and the glass or plastic bottle is 100% recyclable.  How wonderful.  There is plenty of drunken behavior and inappropriate comments to go around this podcast.  Tune in next week for our intoxicating Holiday music show and gift exchange.