154 The Tiger Woods Lady Gaga Tsunami

What cocktail do you server after your wife attacks you with a golf club?  We don't know either but we raise a toast to Tiger and Lady Gaga just the same.  Surely two of this years nuttiest nuts.  Pumpkin challenges Sunshine to another drink mixing game and we end up with a drink stiff enough for Ron Jeremy.  Sunshine shares some resources for the tiki crowd, including a visit to TikiLoungeTalk.com.  This blog site by Chris Pinto is full of great kitsch and the recipe for next weeks cocktail.  Take a listen to this weeks show and hear about spam, somoan tsunamis, party tips, blood diamonds, listener feedback, the horror of Xmas wish lists and so much more.  The very next podcast will be our annual Holiday Spectacularrrr!  Always a good time.