126 Beam me up Tiki!

This re post is originally from May, 2009.  It was just a matter of time till Sunshine entangled his love for Star Trek into the Zen Tiki Lounge.  Just back from seeing the new movie, Sunshine has lots to say while Pumpkin is off on her usual tangent.  This entire episode was recorded from the bridge of NCC1701.  Fire up that food replicator, we are synthesizing cocktails as fast as we can drink them.  It's choose your own cocktail this week, much like the old series of books...choose wisely.  Another hot topic this week is very sweet.  Simple syrup isn't the only bar sweetner out there, try honey orange syrup, organic orgeat or maybe fresh made lime syrup.  All perfect for a Spring/Summer cocktail.  Make one, make them all.  Your guests will know you mean business with your booze.  We also give you a few more reasons to hate Oprah and Marth Stewart, perfect.