119 Bloody Marys with Octomom

To say that this weeks show is all about the ever retarded Octomom would be a bit misleading.  But, we do certainly yell at her BS antics one more time.  Our much needed libation is the famous Bloody Mary.  We don't give a recipe since everyone already "makes the best Bloody Mary."  Starshine is in for Pumpkin again and she is playing her hostess duties well.  Her commentary on the economy, smart water and children whacking each other in the balls is priceless.  Sunshine tells about his new home carbonator, make all the soda, ginger ale and lemon lime you need for your cocktails.  Most drinks only need a splash of soda, so why buy a large bottle or a six pack.  Sunshine is also ranting about the awesome new tropical home fragrances he came across, Scentsy!  Im not selling it, but maybe I should.  Smells like Hawaii in your living room.  We close out the show with a few more details on the Hukilau and Flamingos Day 2009.  Fun for all.