101 Monkey Poon, Old People and John McCain

The Zen Tiki Lounge is full of great tiki info this week and a brand new cocktail per the usual. The cocktail this week comes to us from the Belagio in Las Vegas, a snobby libation that pleases the taste buds and olfactory senses. Pumpkin brings us some discussion on working out with Jesus, a new aerobic exercise that is sweeping the southern states. She also shares a few stories from her most recent cruise along the eastern seaboard. Sunshine keeps a little more on topic with the first tid bits on Tiki Oasis VII coming in 2009. Sunshine brings some cool new websites for everyone to check out, you see our links below and be sure to give a hit and listen as these are also podcasts. Thats enough for a great show but Pumpkin tossed in a little banter about monkey poon because she has the endless need to bring the show down to a 4th grade level if you know what I mean. Still a great listen and an outstanding cocktail.

Click HERE to see people burning calories with Jesus.

Drink of the Week
Nueva Vida
2oz Pineapple juics (not from concentrate)
1.5oz top shelf gold rum
.5oz Falernum
.5oz Amaretto
Juice of 1/2 fresh lime
Be sure to have a tall chilled glass ready with cubes of ice. Put everything in a shaker and give a good tossing. Strain and pour into glass. Top with grated nutmeg (careful not to add to much) and a mint sprig. Drink without a straw so you can enjoy the mint and nutmeg with every sip. Delicioso!