100 Zen Tiki Lounge, cocktails and memories

Sunshine and Pumpkin could not be happier about recording the 100th podcast. Not only was this a lot of fun, having so many listeners in the lounge but we met some new drinkers/listeners and a blast doing it. To get the party going we started off with the group sucking of a very large Scorpion Bowl, followed by several other favorite cocktails from the Zen Tiki Lounge. We honestly tried to make it through one show without mention of Pumpkins vagina troubles but one of our guests brought it up before we could put a stop to it. We also had a few unexpected bits of shenanigans that caught us off guard. This is just one of those shows you need to listen to and pretend you were part of it. Really!!! For this weeks cocktail just mix up a scorpion to share with friends or try one of the other great ZTL cocktails from our tour down memory lane. Look below to find the link to the Bikini Beachcombers, some of their great tunes played on this episode. Click HERE to visit the Bikini Beachcombers myspace page, get some of the music already!

Click HERE to check out the Foundation Bar in Milwaukee.

Drink of the Week Scorpion Bowl 6oz Silver Rum 4oz fresh squeezed lemon juice 6oz fresh squeezed orange juice 2oz Orgeat 1oz Brandy Just toss it all in a large communal bowl with lots of crushed ice and you and 3 friends are ready to get the party started. Garnish with a single gardenia or orchid floating on top, BEAUTIFUL.