Tiki Drink How To: Flaming Twinkies

By now most of you have heard about the troubles facing Hostess, their bankruptcy and the executives who mis managed the company.  Over 18,000 people may lose their jobs in the labor dispute.  We thought we could support hte brand and the employees by keeping the "buzz" going on this story.  Hear at ZTL, most of us have very fond childhood memories of Hostess products, and especially Twinkies and Ding Dongs.  Sunshine decided to use the Twinkie as his next victim for fiery fun with rum.  If you can find any of the forever lasting yellow sponge cakes then you can try this at home at your next cocktail party.  Be sure to see the rest of our How To videos by clicking here and subscribe to our YouTube channel.  Cheers and Mahalo

Sunshine was dismayed by the potential demise of America's favorite snack cake.  In a tribute we light our twinkies on fire with a little tiki bar spectacle.