118 Is the Snuggie Zen?

Our show this week starts with Booze as usual.  Enough liquor that Pumpkin is a bit smashed in the first 10 minutes.  "Between the Sheets" is the cocktail and shenanigans is the game.  We continue our salute to great American writers with the favorite drink of none other than Edna St. Vincent Millay, a longer name would just be silly.  Her early 20th century poetic works have been praised till this day.  But less seriously, Pumpkin really steals the show with her drunken blabber.  Vagina this, balls that.  Pumpkin also shares an encounter with a buss full of "challenged" people.  If you ever needed proof that Karma exists then this is the show for you.  In keeping with the theme of our show, Sunshine brings us news of Tiki Oasis, Hukilau and the new album from Kava Kon.  Cheers.

116 Tikirific Condoms and Hawaiian VOG

Pumpkin can't keep her mind out of the gutter.  This week she is obsessed with vegan condoms, so good you could eat them.  But before you go eating condoms, try this weeks cocktail.  The Cuba Libre was a favorite drink of American author Jean Stafford.  A drunks drink if ever there was one.  Next is some Zen conversation about keeping things simple and elegant, with tiki style.  Sunshine thinks the lowly sugar cube may have a comeback and also wants to know which of his neighbors donated to the "yes on 8" proposition.  Nothing wrong with that.  All of us here at the Zen Tiki Lounge want to shout to Kava Kon, one of our favorite exotica artists.  Listen to Kava Kon here.  Enjoy the show.