148 Does SPAM Cause Swine Flu?

Aloha and welcome to the only tiki bar that lives in your head.  On this weeks podcast we discuss the sometimes frowned upon delicacy known as SPAM.  Not really into processed pig?  Thats OK.  Try our cocktail of the week first, the Mayan Mai Tai.  Then try the SPAM.  Pumpkin also takes us on another walk through the wonderful world of natural healing and shares some awesome new Halloween trends.  Do you need dead babies for your yard?  We got you covered.  Sunshine introduces listeners to a new online radio station, similar to Pandora but this one has lots of exotica.  Check out Slacker radio online or on your mobile phone.  Slacker has over 3,000,000 songs, and some of them are even real exotica.  Since we took a week off we made sure to answer plenty of listener mail and give some advice for those of you who asked.  Mahalo and enjoy the show.