131 Roe Sham Beau at LAX

As an extra treat for all our fans we bring you some very SPECIAL guests.  The short bus pulled up and out piled Annabelle and Ebb.  These two plan to pump out their very own vidcast very soon.  You ever want to see sock puppets do naughty things to each other in an educational way?  We here at the Zen Tiki Lounge could think of nothing better.  So here they are drinking with us, sharing some ideas of their upcoming show and hopefully making a very big splash very soon.  Pumpkin ensured that this show is like most, diving quickly to talk of body parts and bathroom behavior.  Sunshine is more preoccupied with renting the house from "Big Mommas House," and worrying about the demise of the much loved Polaroid picture.  Sit a spell, drink up and listen till your ears bleed.