22 The hot slow steamy road to Trader Vic's

Trader Vic's, at the world-famous Beverly Hilton hotel in glamorous Beverly Hills, CA, in trendy 90210. Before we hit the road, we discuss the burning topics of nameless fruit drink, how to get out of jury duty, with assistance from our listeners, and Sunshine introduces his "scam" to raise money for the Lounge and pay for new toys. Finally we hit the road, spend half the day on the Los Angeles freeways, and arrive at Trader Vic's. We enjoy a well-deserved cocktail stiff enough to knock you on your ass, and suck up the atmosphere while dining on some average food. Check out the pictures on our Flickr Photostream so you too can feel like you were there with us at Trader Vic's.Please forgive the audio, we are road-show virgins.

Drink of the Week: Trader Vic's Original Mai-Tai You'll have to go there to experience this one.