95 Drinking in a bubble

Our listener submitted drink this week is the Pan Galactic Gargleblaster from none other than the Geoff Stein Project. Sunshine and Pumpkin would like to tell you that this drink is simply wonderful, but only our listeners still attending frat parties will agree with that. Not to say we don't love trying new things but a ton of booze in a cup with some sugar doesn't necessarily make a great time. Needless to say it got our buzz going and that got our show on. Pumpkin shares her longing for a trip to the Glen Ivy day spa for a nice butt rub and also brings a little item in the lounge for some show and tell. Sunshine has a story about the horrors of having AT&T for your dreaded phone service. On the tiki side of things we also give some great tips on how to put a little tiki into any national holiday including the 4th of July. Also good for memorial day, labor day etc. Next week we bring you another listener drink, the much mentioned Kungaloosh. Listen often, drink when you can and tell a friend.

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Drink of the Week
Pan Galactic Garbleblaster
1oz Bacardi 151
.25oz tequila
.25oz gin

.6oz triple sec
1oz blue caracao
dash of bitters
dash of grenadine
No need for a shaker. Just find the biggest damn mug you can and add some ice. Drink quickly as we feel the taste is not for savoring.