92 Cocktails with Mr. Spock

Pumpkin is off her rocker this podcast, but that isn't to far from normal. Her somewhat interesting story about wild bears using toilet paper is entertaining after a cocktail. Speaking of stories and cocktails. One of the best reasons to have a cocktail is to give those people who can't tell a story some help. But anywho, we have a lot more show than that. Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island was caught with Mary Jane but didn't do time. Thank goodness, she is just to sweet to be behind bars. Sunshine gives some good resources for picking up a couple of great tiki and exotica albums for your retro music collection. Check out he website below and get some fresh old tunes. And, by request we bring you a couple of after dinner cocktails. One pretty good and one not so good. You can look them up anywhere on the net, just look for "Tahitian coffee" and "Hot rum cow." Sunshine liked both of them but Pumpkin is picky as usual. Be sure to tell a friend and spread us like a disease.

Click HERE to check out some hot tiki/exotica music selections to add to your collection.

Drink of the Week
Coconut Breeze
1oz dark amber rum
1oz malibu rum
1/4oz falernum #8
1/2oz fresh lime juice
3oz cran/pomegranate juice
Ocean spray and others make the cran-pom juice. Make sure it is 100% juice with no high fructose corn syrup. No sugar added is also a plus. Put all ingredients in a tall cocktail glass or tiki mug with 1 cup crushed ice. Stir, do not shake. Good water dilution in this cocktail make it extra refreshing. Garnish with a single lime wheel on the rim and use a nice colorful straw.