83 Do Valentines and Tikis make good company?

Aloha and Happy V Day from Sunshine and Pumpkin. You may recall that Valentines Day is not our favorite holiday, not because we don't enjoy taking time to make special time for our loved ones, but rather because of the over commercialization of it all. So we decided to keep up with a Vday theme but making lite of things. Our cocktail this week is inspired by the hot fires of love and passion, appropriately called Tiki Love. Pumpkin suggests the ultimate V day gift for the special someone in your life, thats right....the annual hot Mormon pin up calendar. Those boys never take it all off, and really? Would you want them to? We also had to spend more time than usual discussing listener mail since we got so much feedback about our recent cow vagina chat in episode 82. Pumpkin swears she doesn't remember anything about it, but Im not so sure. Sunshine shares tips on getting rid of all those old pictures you have laying around and how to back up copies safely. And if that wasn't good enough Pumpkin introduces our new segment, "Crazy Christian Cousin." Now complete with a theme song and 25% more shenanigans. So as you can see this show is packed to the hilt with love, tiki, and cow vagina. Enjoy.

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Drink of the Week
Tiki Love
4oz Passion fruit juice
1oz Mt. Gay Amber Rum
1/2 oz 100 proof cinnamon schnapps
1/2oz white creme de cacoa
Combine everything in a shaker filled with 1 cup crushed ice and give a good jiggle for 20 seconds. Pour in a nice wide mouthed clear bar glass. Garnish with a single strawberry on the rim.