65 Tiki style and a Zen cocktail

Time to go back to school. Sunshine brings us a lesson from the book of Tiki Style. Don't say we never teach you something useful. Pumpkin gives us an idea of what her upcoming trip to Europe will be like. Starting in London and then swimming over to Spain for some roller coasters and a zip through Euro pride in Madrid. She better bring me a t-shirt. Lastly Sunshine tells the dramatic and insane story of his mother in the pasta restaurant. We end it all (well not END it all) with the usual shenanigans.

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Drink of the Week
Fabulous Fruity Flamingo
1 cup chopped frozen fruit (strawberries, pineapple)
2oz gold rum
1oz Midori
Throw everything ina blender and add a splash or two of OJ or pineapple juice.
Squeeze a lime over the top
Garnish with a parasol and pineapple wedge with maraschino cherry.