55 Girl Scouts and Cocktails, a party waiting to happen

Some of you noticed that our most recent show was a bit late. Ok, maybe two weeks late. But here we are pouring the cocktails just for our favorite listeners. Pumpkin had a terrible experience at our Mardi Gras party but Sunshine enjoyed himself. Guess who got the biggest beads? Pumpkin for some reason chose this show to talk about her amazing ability to guess what a man had for dinner by the taste and smell of his spunk. Thats right, SPUNK! Listen to hear all the madness.

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Drink of the Week
Pineapple Mojito
2oz Limon Rum
6 mint leaves
pineapple chunks
splash simple syurp
club sodaSmash pineapple chunks and mint leaves in chilled glass with the sugar. Add ice and pour in the rum. Top with club soda, stir and enjoy.