413 Music From IntoxiKA, Tikiland Trading, Dawn Marie The Best Cocktail Waitress And Visit To Calwise Spirits

Did we start with a cocktail in our dimly lit tiki bar? Yes, always! Listen to the podcast for the recipe and some ideas on mixing fun new ingredients anyone can find while on vacation visiting distilleries and other fun cocktail hot spots. With your cocktail ready its time to listen to IntoxiKA. Marty Lush on the Quiet Village podcast just released his latest episode and featured this band from Honolulu. Exotica is a genre that allows ample twists and turns over time. The guys from IntoxiKA are adding some electronic and other elements to many of the classic exotica tunes we all love. Click the link to go to their page and purchase the album. We dare you not to enjoy while relaxing by the pool or just about anywhere.

Below are some of our favorite mixers and spirits as discussed on this episode. Liquid Alchemist is making hand crafted mixers with real ingredients. The Orgeat is lighter in almond flavor that you may be used to, and is also very creamy and floral in overall character. A great way to make a mai tai and many other tiki style drinks. The ginger has a nice heat you can feel on the back of the throat and worked beautifully with Calwise Big Sur Gin. Our friends at Calwise have graciously sponsored our previous room parties and we continue to keep all three of their spirits behind our bar. Big Sur Gin is a bit different than any of the mass produced gins. This 40% spirit is buttery and sweet on the nose with a hint of fresh cut grass.

More and more tiki shopping diversions are popping up all over the country. We could all play “is it tiki?” but you won’t have to do that with Tikiland Trading Co. The organizers of this event including artist Tiki Tony have done an excellent job ensuring that great artists, live music and cocktails are always the central elements. Although the event has already moved from place to place, it has only been getting better. The crew from ZTL podcast attended the most recent event in Santa Ana, CA at the Orange County Heritage Museum. The venue was a perfect outdoor spot for sipping great cocktails and dropping a few $$ with artists we know and some new ones too.

Sunshine Tiki enjoys his trips to Las Vegas. While at Bally’s, a frequent destination in sin city, Sunshine is always happy to see his favorite cocktail server Dawn Marie. Dawn Marie doesn’t just serve drinks to gamblers but she does it in a way that adds a unique touch to the Vegas experience. Listen to the show to hear a quick moment with Dawn Marie….the best cocktail server in Las Vegas!