381 Living The Tiki Caliente Lifestyle with Rory Snyder and playing Whats in Kalani's Bra!?

When 600 people meet up in the desert for four days of sun, fun, cocktails, music and shenanigans...you get Tiki Caliente 9.  Over the years this event has grown and those of us here at ZTL Podcast are happy to say we have attended them all.  This episode of the podcast was recorded LIVE from The Reef Palm Springs located at the host hotel The Caliente Tropics.  Below you will find loads of pictures to help you get a feel for the room crawls, parties, our podcast recording and other various aspects of the event.  Before you listen we recommend you try mixing up one of the cocktails we served over the weekend: Pineapple Freesia, California Sunrise featuring Calwise Blonde Rum and the Rusty Harpoon

The very first room party of the weekend was FYRE in Paradise.  Imagine the spiciest of tasty cocktails along with all the finest accommodations one would expect at a hastily thrown together hipster event on a deserted island.  

The Zen Tiki Lounge hosted Cali-Rum-Vacation on Thursday night, sponsored by Calswise Spirits.  Guests enjoyed the California Sunrise cocktail and samples of all three spirits (Blonde Rum, Spiced Rum, Big Sur Gin) while grooving to California surf tunes of the 60's, 70's and 80's.  

The fine folks from Eekum Bookum returned to their hosting duties to offer the first cocktail early on Friday.  John and Janet mixed up a potent fruity libation with no less than 99 fruity proof spirits.  

The best Decor winner of the weekend was Just Keep Swimming.  Although the pictures may not do the room justice, trust us.  Deep blue underwater photo opps along with a tasty drink and we did find Rory Snyder hiding in the kelp beds.  Cheers!

When you mix a potent cocktail with Lost Spirits Rum you just might become Lost at Sea.  This room provided one of the best themed photo locations of the weekend.  Close one eye and look real close and you may see some pirates enjoying the company of each other.  Aaaaarrrgh!

Everyone loves a visit to the Enchanted Tiki Tiki Room-Party.  And, not one but two cocktails were offered along with fun decorations and a full spread of snacks and nibbles for the weary and inebriated Guest.  

Tong Hut Palm Springs returns with How to Stuff a Wild Bikini.  Not just Friday but also Saturday, this party was so big it took two nights to experience.  Mahalo to our friends at Tonga Hut PS for returning and hosting another room on the TC Crawl.  

Congratulations to Curse of the Lost Spirits for winning best overall room.  The judges really enjoyed the Scooby Doo mystery theme along with a strong and balanced cocktail.  This room just goes to show that kids do have a place at our weekend long tiki events.  Little Shaggy and Little Fred were running around posing for pics like true celebrities.  

Welcome to The Hollywood Lanai.  After walking the tiki walk of fame we came across a small tiki bar serving a tea-esque drink with well balanced flavors including rum, juices and tasty pineapple and berry garnish.  No wonder this room picked up the Best Cocktail award and some fun photo spots.  

Godzilla!!!  Vince and Karen prove that opening your door for a hundred thirsty crawlers is fun and easy.  The nuclear green cocktail hit the theme of the room just right and you may have gotten a shot of Vince dressed as the worlds largest irradiated lizard.  

Hailing all the way from the Pacific Northwest, we were treated to a camping experience in the woods complete with whiskey, beer and a nice warm fire.  Pacific Wonderland was just that, a wonderland of room decor perfect for an early evening stop on the crawl.  

Get your diving mask on and prepare to dive Under the Sea.  The crew of the Flaming Tiki immersed us in a deep blue watery adventure complete with fish, mermaids, clams and other creatures of the deep.  If you drink more than one of the cocktails served you may have seen your plastic mermaid garnish dive into your cup.  

One of the surprise highlights of the weekend was the first (and hopefully annual) poolside tiki church service.  Like any Sunday gathering you can expect donuts, spiked coffee and an opportunity to cleanse yourself of the weeks sins.  Sister Tiger Lily of Poly Hai, Sister Sunshine of the Zen Tiki order and everyones favorite aquatic mistress, Medusirena Marina led the believers and non believers to find their higher calling.  The power of tiki compels you.