374 Drinking Rumhattans With Morton Gould And His Orchestra - Jungle Drums

Raise your cocktail to the escapism lifestyle.  This episode of ZTL has over 40 minutes of vintage vinyl exotica to get you settled in your dimly lit corner.  Sunshine is in the lounge solo enjoying a Rumhattan made with Plantation 5yr Rum and Punta e Mes vermouth.  Don't forget the orange bitters.  While visiting the dimly lit tiki bar that lives in your head you will no doubt savor the entire Morton Gould-Jungle Drums recorded from an original vinyl album.  The sound of this orchestral work is rich with colorful instruments and plenty of drums.  

When it comes to classic cocktails there are few that are more popular than a Manhattan.  A true sipping drink that shows off the true nature of the spirit, in this case Whiskey or Bourbon.  But like many popular drinks, there are many variations on a good thing.  For those of us who prefer Rum over other spirits, there is hope.  You may or may not have heard of the Cuban Manhattan which substitutes whiskey with Dark Rum and uses 50/50 sweet and dry vermouth.  Give that a try and then move on up to our version we call the RumHattan.  Rather than throw on another fancy name, RUM is what this cocktail is all about.  Not just RUM, but three RUMs.  Certainly there are great sipping rums that work very well on their own in a Manhattan recipe.  But, combining three widely available rums into a blend makes for a perfect version of this classic drink.  Also, visit the wiki page for some good reading about this tasty beverage.

Hear the entire album by Morton Gould on this episode of ZTL podcast.  

Hear the entire album by Morton Gould on this episode of ZTL podcast.  

You have heard us talk about Tiki Bar T-Shirt club for many months on the podcast.  We wear the shirts and love each and every old tiki bar design.  Listener Eric asked if he could give some ideas for some of the t-shirts.  Well, it turns out that fan submissions have been considered in the past.  So, listen to this show and find out how you can send an idea for a t-shirt.  And, take a look at Tiki Bar T-Shirt club now and consider a subscription.  A new cotton T delivered to you each month.  LIKE them on facebook

The year is flying by.  Its already time to book your room and wristband for the hottest tiki event in Southern California.  Tiki Caliente 9 offers perfect weather in sunny Palm Springs along with live music, cocktails galore and over a dozen parties to attend throughout the entire 4 day weekend.  Zen Tiki Lounge podcast is happy to be a part of this yearly event and plans for the room crawl are already underway.  LIKE the room crawl page on facebook to hear about the room party themes and sneaks of what some of the cocktails will be like.  Keep listening to the show for more and more details about the sizzling event.  On this show we give you a little info on just some of the live bands that will be playing from Thursday to Sunday.