356 Tiki Bar T-Shirt Club And Internet Magician Rick Lax

On this episode of ZTL podcast we have some friends joining our tiki community.  The cool cats at Tiki Bar T-Shirt Club reached out to us and wanted to make sure we had the chance to see what they are all about.  We all love our vintage tiki bars and old school threads.  Tiki Bar T-Shirt Club is putting the logos of some of the best tiki bars, restaurants and hideouts on fresh new shirts that look good on guys and dolls.  Starshine was quite happy to see that they have a ladies t-shirt so that she didn't have to look like she was wearing the husbands too small shirt.  Sunshine likes the smooth cotton and lightweight feel.  These shirts are the same we have used on our own ZTL t-shirts.  Check out the club and consider a subscription.  You can get a shirt each month, another vintage tiki bar that you may or may not have already known of.  We suggest looking up the bars on Critiki.com and finding out more about them.  You get a little history lesson with each shirt, delivered right to you.  We don't recommend things we haven't experienced for ourselves.   

Are you wondering what cocktail we are holding in the above picture?  You should be.  This drink is and ode to the DICK that was sitting next to Sunshine at a local casino bar.  You know, those guys who slap the buttons because they are sore losers.  No one likes a mad, drunk, sore loser.  And here is a drink that just about any bar should be able to make with the standard ingredients on hand.  The Poker DICK!

And what would life be without a new fascination?  Sunshine has quite the thing for internet magician Rick Lax.  This rather attractive gentlemen shows you his tricks via facebook.  You don't have to buy a ticket or send him any $$$.  Just interact with this tricks from the comfort of your computer screen or smart phone.  Rick even fooled Penn and Teller on their show Fool Us.  Magic, cocktails, and tiki bars really do mix well together.  

The Summer is full of Tiki weekend events.  Follow these links to find out how to get your wristbands, hotel rooms and everything else you need to know to enjoy a drunken weekend with 100's of other tikiphiles.  

The Hukilau is June 8-12

Ohana Luau by the Lake is June 23-26

Tiki Kon is July 8-10

Tiki Oasis is August 18-21

MOD Palm Springs is October 20-23