35 Rehab is better than christian sex college!

After a tough week at work Pumpkin gets a little tossed. No worries, it's all in the job here at the Zen Tiki Lounge. We do it for the listeners. Anywho, Pumpkin signs up for Christian Sex College in the hope to find true spiritual engorgement. Then she tells of her new discovery called Xtube. If that isn't enough already, Sunshine is off the wagon and on the bottle. It was just going to be one drink. Then two. And three. Now it's old times again. Two sauced companions talking trash on everyone and everything.

Drink of the Week
Nipple Twister
1.5oz Raspberry Rum
1oz Grand Marnier
4oz fresh squeezed OJ
Combine juice, Grand Marnier, rum in glass with ice, stir, then stir again. Pour one for you and one for a friend.