343 Hawaiian Cruises Are For Lovers And Gamblers

Sunshine is in the lounge all by his lonesome on this episode of Zen Tiki Lounge podcast.  Alone, but not lonely.  

This episode is a musical tribute to the Hawaiian Islands.  Sunshine plays some of his favorite slack key guitar, surf and Hawaiiana tunes to set the mood for an upcoming 2 week cruise.  Our cocktail this week comes from the Beachbum Berry Total Tiki app, which we do recommend purchasing so that you never run out of great tiki drink recipes anywhere you may be.  Try Hell In The Pacific for starters and if you happen to have a vintage bottle of Lemon Hart 151....all the better.  

Start infusing your own bottle of Sunshines Very Spicy Rum.  Great for cocktails and baking, you can give this is a gift or just keep it on hand for that time you need a very spicy rum.  Follow along wi the video and get some tips for making changes to the recipe to reflect your own person preferences.