341 The Pink Squirrel Sushi Combo

After several weeks on the road we have made it back to the Zen Tiki Lounge.  Our home tiki bar was feeling a little lonely.  Time to welcome everyone back to everyones favorite tiki bar that lives in your head.  We hope that you join us for each episode by subscribing to the podcast with this link vs. playing the show from our website.  Subscriptions are counted towards are overall listenership whereas plays from the webpage don't always add up.  

Listener Todd asked about a rum to purchase for a slightly snobby rum enthusiast.  This can be a loaded question since peoples tastes can be all over the place.  Smokey, sweet, dry, aged, tropical, falvored....so many options.  Our recommendation is Rhum Clement V.S.O.P. as a starting point.  This Rhum Agricole is on the drier side with notes of grass and a slight burnt nose.  Sip this one neat or on the rocks.  In mixed drinks we recommend one of our own cocktails, Tahitian Exotique.  Rhum Clement mixes well with citrus, vanilla and spices.  If you want to really plus up a gift for your friend we recommend adding one or two of the flavored and spiced options from Rhum Clement: Creole Shrub and Mahina Coco.  Both are excellent in quality and craftsmanship and take your well mixed rum cocktail to a new level.  

There is plenty more show to listen to including a short political rant and a recap of Sunshines mid century modern wedding shower.  Get tips on classic cocktails and recipes to keep your shaker shaking.  Plus!  We announce our upcoming visit to Don The Beachcomber on December 12 when we will be recording a LIVE podcast and featuring some of our favorite cocktails.