319 Hijacked By Jimmy Buffet And His Concoction Maker

On a rainy day in Southern California we break in the new Margaritaville concoction maker.  We resisted owning one of these for years, but gifts happen and you don't want to risk angering the giver.  So, imagine that a Margarita and a Daiquiri made love.  Now you have the RumRita.  Swapping your tequila for rum is certainly nothing new.  But, we recommend using a blend of rums to create a drink experience vs. just a blended sugary beverage.  Use Sunshines' RumHattan blend for your RumRita and a nice version of a Manhattan made with rum.  

Mix your own RumRita

Make Sunshines' RumHattan blend

OK!  You have your drink, some music, get comfy.  Sunshine, Kalani and Starshine are at the bar catching up on a few weeks of stories.  Sunshine asks the ladies to name his chocolate chip starfish.  Cacao it is.  Maybe the little critter will make a character appearance on the podcast some day?  All three of us have challenged each other to a weight loss goal, winner takes a pile of money and bragging rights.  You bet some lower calorie cocktails will be featured on upcoming shows.  Speaking of low calorie, be sure to serve fresh fruits and veggies at all your little get togethers.  The salty snacks are always a staple but giving guests another option will keep everyone happy.  Try fresh melon, jicama, pineapple and mango with your RumRitas.  Any left over fruit can be frozen in chunks and tossed into your next libation.  Yum!

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Here are some links to just a few of the things we glossed over after the rum was flowing.

Dixies Tupperware Party for a great show and a chance to buy actual tupperware from a super lovely drag queen.

Seeds Park Seeds, this is where Sunshine buys his organic and non GMO seeds.  Good drinks need fresh herbs both for garnish and flavor.  Plant your seeds now for early Spring freshness.