315 Halloween Never Tasted So Good

The scream of a witch and the moan of a ghost bring forth the sounds of the season in the Zen Tiki Lounge.  Join Sunshine, Kalani and Starshine for our annual Halloween podcast.  But first!  Try our cocktail dedicated to Listener Ron Oliver, his adoring husband and their pampered pooch Mr. Crawford T. Manchester.  A tasty libation for any time of year.  Fresh ingredients are key to a refreshing drink for the poolside shenanigans we expect from all our friends and fans.

C4 (Dedicated to Ron Oliver and Crawford T. Manchester)

Music to set a spooking mood in your tiki bar, try these exotic tunes with devilish beat:

Taboo: Arthur Lyman

Lust: Bas Sheva

Jack The Ripper: Clouseaux

That Hypnotizing Man: Don Tiki

Kava Village: Kahuna Kawentzman

Zombie: Kava Kon