310 Cocktails By Ballast Point

Kalani is enjoying a Ballast Point Mai Tai while showing off bacon wrapped asparagus.  

Kalani is enjoying a Ballast Point Mai Tai while showing off bacon wrapped asparagus.  

How about a nice mai tai?  Yes!  From a bottled mix?  ?  I know we normally steer you in the direction of making all your cocktails from scratch.  But, even we know that you can't always go get everything and you may not have the time.  Ballast Point happens to offer a mai tai mix and a bloody Mary mix that is hands down our favorite.  Both have great ingredient lists (real sugar, real juice, real flavors) and are super easy to mix with booze for a quick go to beverage.  All of us at Zen Tiki Lounge really enjoyed the mai tai mix.  We do recommend using two or three rums rather than just one, but other than that just follow the bottle.  Try using Jamaican, Puerto Rican and Virgin Islands rum in combination.  1 ounce of each.  OK, how about the bloody Mary?  Spicy!  Starshine and Sunshine loved it and there was no need to add extra tabasco or heat.  Its all in there.  Not too salty either so you add a little more if you like or keep it lower sodium.  Garnish with celery, olives and anything else for a wonderful early day cocktail.  

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Pairing an appetizer with your cocktails is generally fairly easy.  You can't go wrong with bacon.  Try wrapping partially cooked asparagus (steam or microwave for just a minute before wrapping) with bacon and skewer.  It is best to cut strips of bacon in half and roll tight.  Use bamboo skewers to hold it all together.  You can pan fry (our favorite) or BBQ.  If you BBQ, soak the skewers in water for 15 minutes before cooking to prevent burning.  

The music on this weeks show is a double tribute.  Gene Rains was a vibraphonist and leader of the Gene Rains group from Hawaii.  From the late 50's to the mid 60's Gene put out three albums with dozens of great exotic tunes.  The music was not previously released in digital format but is now available as a compilation CD by Real Gone Music and produced by Mr. DigiTiki himself from the Quiet Village podcast.   This disc with 19 tracks has been on repeat in the Zen Tiki Lounge for a week now.  The mastering is wonderful and came from DigiTiki's own LP's.  Preview some of the tracks on this episode of ZTL, then get your copy with the link above.  

Be sure to listen to the rest of this episode for some last minute info on Tiki Oasis 14 and the upcoming Mod Palm Springs event.  Book your rooms and tickets now or be left behind.  You don't want to miss any of the fun with all the best in tiki art, cocktails, music and fun.