296 Our House Mai Tai Has Big Balls

Let's start things off right.  Get a rocks glass, some ice and follow our simply no measure recipe below.  Next, dim the lights and put on some bachelor pad vintage tunes.  Isn't that nice.  Sip your cocktail.  Ahhhhhhh.  Our drink this week is another simple beverage that we want to point out, anyone can make.  Three ingredients and no measuring tools.  Very hard to mess up.  Because it is winter and so many of you are literally fighting below freezing digits, a lovely citrus drink should add a little sunshine to your day or evening.  

Starshine and Sunshine popped into the lounge this week for a not so well prepared podcast.  Our conversation is varied as you may expect.  We did announce that listener Eric is the recipient of our book giveaway, he was the first listener to write in and let us know how he would promote his life if he were a mini mart sign.  Listen to this show to find out how you can get our next book giveaway from Trader Vic's collection.  

Some event news come at ya.  Hukilau will be celebrating their 13th and final year, this June 11-15.  Sad but true.  This is one of the biggest tiki weekend (more like week long) events in the country.  Great music, cocktails, symposiums and lots more.  Click the link and find out more, but register quick so you aren't left out.  And Tiki Caliente 6 is even sooner.  May 16-18 in Palm Springs, CA.  All of us at ZTL will not only be attending but throwing our room party.  You don't want to miss the event or our party.  This one goes on sale very soon.  

What do you think about minimum wage?  We think it should be higher but not $15.  Both hosts go into some detail on this and show concern for those working low paid jobs.  This is a loaded subject so you better listen to hear all we have to say.