292 A Twerking Sharknado Took My Mai Tai

Although many of you have already had both the pain and pleasure of viewing Sharknado, Sunshine has just managed the experience.  Now, every thing he does includes the fear of a tornado mating with other animals or objects to wreak havoc.  The most recent atrocity involving a Sharknado was the disappearance of a Mai Tai.  The drink was right in front of us for one moment and then in a swirl of wind and sea spray, it was gone.  We can only assume that sharks were involved as well.  So, an entirely new drink was crafted for this weeks show.  Responding to a listener tweet asking for a drink that uses maple syrup and having ample citrus on our trees, we dug up Hai Karate from one of the many recipes that Beachbum Berry has created or researched in his essential book series.  His books Remixed and Intoxica both include the recipe for Hai Karate.  

With drink in hand and tunes a plain, Sunshine, Kalani and Starshine engage in conversation covering all of the following and more: shark fin soup, Monday holidays are a luxury for government employees, twerking is now fwerking!, breast feeding in public and a public service announcement....its time to make your own spiced rum just in time for the holidays.  Use our recipe for Sunshines very spicy rum.   

Music on this weeks show by none other than The Left Arm of Buddha and Marty Lush and his Latin Livers.  Use the links to get their music for your own tiki bar or hideaway.