290 Mod-Palm Springs LIVE

Our podcast this week is coming to you LIVE (from our point of view) from the very first Mod-Palm Springs event, of which we can already tell there will be more.  Getting in on the first of what will surely become a yearly gathering of like minded people who cherish cocktail culture, getting gussed up in vintage attire and lots and lots of great fresh live entertainment.  And lets not forget the un-official room crawl events that stretch across the entire weekend. 

Entertainment at the event this weekend included Marty Lush and his Latin Livers, Marina the fire eating Mermaid, The Gand Band, Martini Kings with Sonny Moon, Ding Dong Devils, 3 Balls of Fire and Kitty Chow and Fisherman.  You have heard them all on the show before and hearing and seeing them live is worth a trip.  And is a trip.  The event also starred MC's and hosts Switched on Audrey Moorhead, Mishell Modern and Jay Nailor and our esteemed event organizers SHAG and Rory "Wildsville Man" Snyder.  

Joining us in our hotel room/lounge is some of our most faithful friends/fans/listeners.  Always a pleasure to have a LIVE audience to sip drinks with and share stories of the weekends events.  Our room party this year was called Doris Day Isn't Home, an homage to Americas sweetheart and a 60's icon.  What could be more MOD?  We served just over 350 cocktails in just under 2 hours.  Sang songs, danced a little and had a whale of a good time.  If you haven't tried a hotel room party yet, just one of the best reasons to come to one of these all weekend tiki or mid century events.  The next event you can catch us at will be Tiki Caliente 6, this May in Palm Springs, CA.  

As per usual we play whats in Kalani's bra on this LIVE episode.  Everyones favorite gameshow.  Kalani stuffed her boulder holder with ample trinkets to keep our guests guessing.  Winners Julian and Andrew seemed happy with their ZTL t-shirts and "other" fabulous prizes.   

Due to the success of our fab room party the night before we had completely run out of booze.  So, a stop at Rite Aid led to a new drink called "Rite Aid Special."  Just proving that a decent drink can be made with a few good items.  Try equal parts 100% pomegranate juice, Captain Morgan Black spiced rum, and a little lime and lemon juice to balance.  Not complicated at all and enjoyed by many.   

For a tastier drink we are joined by Kelly Merrell of bar tending lore and fame.  Kelly has crafted a unique drink using Deadhead Rum and fresh juices.  Listen for an idea of how to make this one yourself.  Not giving the exact recipe here, but we give you enough hints.  The Deadhead Grog was served at the house bar this weekend and tasty as hell.  

The best way to enjoy and understand the fun and shenanigans is to just listen to the rest of the show.  We hope you feel a little like you were able to attend even if you couldn't make it.   

Streaming all weekend long is SpyRate Radio, beaming you not only the Zen Tiki Lounge but lots of great music and shows to keep you in the MOD and Tiki frame of mind all weekend long.   

Ending the show this week with Island Fever by Marty Lush and his Latin Livers.  Cheers and Mahalo.   

Sunshine, Starshine, Kalani and Mr. Tiki enjoying the Palm Springs weather at Mod-Palm Springs

Sunshine, Starshine, Kalani and Mr. Tiki enjoying the Palm Springs weather at Mod-Palm Springs