288 Surfing And Swinging With Boozy Coffee Drinks

As usual we start the podcast with a nice tiki drink.  We have another listener submitted concoction.  Dany Lynn sent us her recipe for Princess Papouli.  All three of us really enjoyed this tasty libation.  Ingredients aren't too hard to find so be sure to mix one yourself and enjoy the show.  Recipe down below...

Join us for the Wigwam Motel Gathering.  Back in the day, roadside themed motels were all the rage.  A journey down Route 66 wouldn't be complete without a nights stay in one of Americas many 50's or 60's kitschy motor lodges.  The Wigwam Motel was a small chain that had almost disappeared from the landscape.  But lucky for us there is a location just a short drive from anywhere in the Southern California and Los Angeles area.  Very soon we will lock in the date of this gathering so you can all join us.  This very unofficial meet up will be a nice opportunity to hang out with other tiki and mid century enthusiasts.  Stay tuned for the date and reservation info.

Whatever happened to fast food restaurants actually putting their menu out where everyone can see it?  Have you noticed that you can only see the combos and specialty items.  What about fries with that?  As the cocktail sets in we discuss this first world problem.   

Check out Lost in Paradise  as mentioned on this weeks show.  A great video podcast that showcases all the great tiki themed events you may be missing.  

Listen to Quiet Village Radio, 24/7 streaming exotica.  It doesn't get much better.

Join us at Mod-Palm Springs this October 11-13.   


Princess Papouli

1oz vanilla vodka
1oz white rum
2ozs papaya juice
.5oz licor 43
.5oz lime juice

.5oz coconut cream - the kind you cook with

Shake it all up, pour over ice, float of dark rum

SQ Wigwams.png