284 MOD-Palm Springs pt. 1

Dim the lights.  LIght a candle or two.  Add exotic music.  And now a nice cocktail.  Al that will happen in just the first five minutes of this weeks podcast.  In the low lighting of the Zen Tiki Lounge, Starshine, Kalani and Sunshine sip the Mandarin Rumtini while listening to music from acts you will hear at the upcoming MOD-Palm Springs event.  In keeping in theme with a more mid century and less tiki event, Sunshine is fashioning drinks that are a little less sweet and a little bit more stiff.  Most of this show is dedicated to an October event that we are all very much looking forward.  Rory Snyder and Artist SHAG are well into the deep planning of the swankest shindig in decades.  Hosted at the Curve hotel in Palm Springs.  We all needed another chance to get out all the clothes we bought at the height of Mad Men.  Smoking jackets, cocktail dresses, mini skirts and swank attire with a tropical flare will all be en vogue.  Martini Kings and Kitty Chow and Fisherman are the featured artists on this podcast, both you can hear at MOD-Palm Springs.  Rooms and wristbands are on sale now, so get moving.  

To be timely we share a quick update on Tiki Oasis 13 which is just two weeks away from the recording of this podcast.  Listen to Zen Tiki Lounge podcast on SpyRate pirate radio while at Tiki Oasis.   

Listen to this episode for the first details on the MOD-Palm Springs unofficial Room Crawl and Parties.  It may be unofficial but it will be the place(s) to be over the event weekend.   

Have you heard about the newest RUM podcast on the interwebs?  Listen to Five Minutes of Rum with Kevin Up The Grove.  Kevin reviews Rum by type and variety and gives great cocktail recipes as a compliment.  On his most recent episode, Spiced Rum, you get some understanding of how spiced rum is made and a nice mention of our very own house spiced rum.  Sunshine's Very Spicy Rum is just a short infusion away.   

Next week you won't want to miss part 2 of our MOD podcast.  Including an interview with Rory Snyder and more music you can hear LIVE at the party.   

And so much more.  Cheers and Mahalo! 

Mix Yourself a Mandarin Rumtini

The Coral Beauty is one of our most popular drinks.  Get the recipe on our DRINKS page.  

The Coral Beauty is one of our most popular drinks.  Get the recipe on our DRINKS page.