275 Mojave Oasis Memories And Tiki Caliente Dreams

Sunshine and Starshine have just returned from their adventure to Mojave Oasis in the fabulous California Desert.  After sharing a large cocktail we recap some of our favorite memories from the event and look forward to our next journey to the hottest tiki campground this side of Mars.  We are proud to say that Sunshine entered a cocktail as usual in the event crawl contest and tied for first place, tied with a ZTL fan who is also quite good behind the bar.  Kevin, the co winner has coincidentally just started his ow RUM centric podcast that we recommend you check out by clicking ......... HERE!  Give 5 Minutes of Rum a listen. Next up we want to remind everyone that our exclusive ZTL tiki mug made by PopTiki of Colorado is about to be off the market. For just $45 you can have your very own Big Orange Richard, plus shipping.  Or, if you are attending Tiki Caliente 5, you can save on shipping by picking up your mug at the event.  Sweet deal.

Speaking of Tiki Caliente 5, the event is about to be sold out.  Use the link above and click on the "sales/news" tab and get yourself a hotel room and or wristband.  You MUST have a wristband to attend the event.  A full weekend of sun, fun, music, cocktails, parties, vendors and lovely Palm Springs.

Need a new vintage Hawaiian shirt or dress for the event?  Try ebay or one of these web sites that specialize in vintage clothing including the Hawaiian schtuff we all love so much.  Sunshine just grabbed two AWESOME vintage barkcloth Hawaiian shirts on ebay and could not be happier about the deal.  You can also pick up a sweet new shirt or dress from the vendors at the Tiki Caliente event.

RustyZipper.com    MonsterVintage.com   American-Vintage.net

Somewhere in the middle of this weeks podcast we listen to some rather lovely drunk dials.  You can send us your drunk dial at 619-777-TIKI.  We will play it on the show and make fun of you till the cows come home.  You can also send us an email: mail@zentikilounge.com

Our drink this week was Aku Aku Lapu, you can find the recipe in Beachbum Berry's book: Grog Log or in his app for iPhone called Tiki Plus.

Last but not least, please think about using one of the sponsored links below to help us pay for the podcast.  We only promote companies and products that we use personally and have enjoyed the quality and service.