259 The Tiki Summit With Amy Boylan and Rory Snyder

SQ Rory

On this podcast we visit the Casita of Rory (Wildsville Man) Snyder.  Our third on the road podcast takes us to Palm Springs, CA to chat about the upcoming Taboo event hosted by Amy Boylan and Rory Snyder.  As with any of our shows we start with a beverage, this time called Calsita, a drink Rory is crafting for the Taboo event this October 5-7.  Amy shares some valuable insight on area tiki events, room parties and a little insider info as well.  If you don't already know Amy, she is one of the partners currently operating the Tonga Hut, LA's original tiki bar.  We also discuss Sunshines goal of drinking every drink on the Tonga Hut menu to become a member of the Loyal Order of Drooling Bastards.  Next up, Rory tells about the great music acts you can expect to hear at Taboo including : Jason Lee and the Riptides, The Deadbeat Daddies, a book signing by P Moss of Frankie's Tiki Room, and the Swank Bastards...just to name a few.  Over the course of the podcast we sample a cocktail that has literally been sitting a shelf since 1968, chat about everything from bidets in hotel rooms to tiki hell.  So listen to this weeks show for a glimpse of what the Taboo event is all about and interviews with Amy Boylan and Rory Snyder.  Cheers! and Mahalo