257 Visiting The Flaming Tiki Lounge and Gardens

Continuing our series of home tiki bar visits, we stop by the Flaming Tiki Lounge and Gardens.  This home paradise has been created by the Kilmers, a husband and wife duo who have partnered to build their perfect backyard tropical garden.  Complete with koi pond, lush foliage, tiki torches and several areas to entertain.  And lets not forget the tasty cocktails.  We enjoyed two tasty drinks that we you will hear us sipping on the podcast.  While at the Flaming Tiki we had the opportunity to interview Kelly Hiphipahula who shares some stories of bar tending and tiki drink shenanigans.  Visit her web site and see some of the fabulous drinks she has conconcted over the years along with a great visual example of what a tropical cocktail should look like.  We have personally sampled some of Kellys drinks and she won't steer you wrong.  Towards the end of our evening we celebrated two tiki birthdays and shared some cake and drinks.  The show concludes with two great tunes from the Ding Dong Devils. Links from this weeks show:

Kelly  "HipHipaHula" Reilly

Architecture by Joseph Eichler

Palm Springs mid century homes 

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