252 Grapefruit Racism Isn't As Bad As It Sounds

Many times the content of this podcast is driven by nothing more than the most random of ideas.  But this show is different.  Listener Frank asked why Sunshine always recommends white grapefruit over pink and red?  A simple enough question, but one requiring a long answer.  So, we dedicate this episode to Frank.  Listen and learn a brief history of the larger of citrus fruits.  Where did they come from?  When and where were they introduced to the USA?  What country eats the most "forbidden fruit?"  These and many more questions will be answered.  And you can't have all this talk about cocktail mixers without drinking a cocktail.  The Puka Shell is a beverage that Sunshine crafted around the holidays as a lower calorie option, and darn tasty.  And it happens to use grapefruit juice.  We try it with both white and pink and come to a unanimous decision.  Listen to the show to hear our thoughts.  After drinking grapefruit drinks the conversation becomes much more varied.  We just may try on some Depends undergarments, answer plenty of listener mail, listen to some great bachelor pad tunes from Les Baxer, Al Caiola, Cy Coleman and Terry Snyder to name a few.  Be sure to toon into our next podcast and hear us invade the home tiki bar of a podcast listener.  But before we go, we leave you with a great song by The Crazed Mugs, "Smuggler's Cove."