244 We Found Whitney Houston with The Tiki Time Machine

Step once more into the tiki time machine.  Our stop this week takes us to 2007, episode #70 of ZTL.  Sunshine and Pumpkin decided to listen to feedback from fans and try a gin drink instead of the usual rum.  Well, they had several.  And, Pumpkin became more surly than usual.  Sunshine was showing difficulty remembering specific tiki tid bits.  Pumpkin even uses a Whitney Houston reference that seems quite poignant as of now.  Can you believe this show was back in the day before Facebook?  Yep!  We were just setting up our page and giving ourselves official aliases.  Other subjects include a recap of a cocktail symposium with Beachbum Berry.  Sunshine tries a few drinks and gives This is week two of our Gin drinks. The Kamaaina should be pronounced Kah-ah-mah-A-nuh. Pumpkin says it a little different but thats most likely because booze makes her mind go a little on the dirty side. After we get the drink going it only gets less professional from there. We welcome lots of great new listeners from myspace and read an email or two. Remember, this is tell a friend about the show month. Get out there and send a few emails to your friends, tell them how much you enjoy the podcast. We just want everyone to love us as much as we love doing this show. Click HERE to visit the official Trader Vic's

Drink of the Week Kamaaina 2oz Lemon lime soda 1oz Gin 1oz Coconut syrup 1/2oz Triple Sec 1/2oz Fresh lemon juice 1 1/2 cups ice cubes Blend all ingredients with ice for 20-30 seconds. Pour into tall tiki mug and garnish with a mint sprig and a pineapple wedge.