238 Puka Shells And Spy Music, Cheers!

This is week two of our series on low calorie cocktails.  Our drink this week is the Puka Shell.  A tasty grapefruit libation with Okolehao, spiced rum and cinnamon.  All for 160 calories while still packing that inebriated punch you all love so much.  While drinking we enjoy some classic 60's spy movie tunes from the likes of Hugo Montenegro, Henry Maincini and others.  Low cal drinks and spy music set the mood for some news about our favorite TIKI weekend event, Tiki-Caliente 4 in Palm Springs this May 18-20th.  Rooms/Tickets go on sale to the general public on Jan 21st.  The super hip event is packed with rum, music, parties and plenty of time to get to know everyone in the tiki and pop culture enthusiast communities.  The Zen Tiki Lounge will be hosting another swining room party with two more unique cocktails sure to knock your knickers off.  Don't forget to snag one of the Tiki Caliente 4 event mugs when purchasing your room.  You can grab everything in one purchase.  Can't be more convenient or a better value.  The rest of the show centers around a healthy new year.  Fresh juices, a little more exercise, starting that garden full of veggies and herbs and much more.  Check out Sunshine's favorite nutrition podcast,  The Nutrition Diva Podcast, as this episode is about alcohol metabolism.  Too much fun for one show.  Oh, and there may be some offensive banter tossed in for good measure. Puka Shell

2 ounces white grapefruit juice

2 ouncec Okolehao (Hawaiian ti plant liquor)

1 drop bitters

1/4 ounce cinnamon infused syrup*

Shake all with ice and pour into highball filled with crushed ice.  Garnish with single cocktail cherry on a pick layed over top of drink.  *Cinnamon Syrup: simmer 1 cup water with 1 cup sugar and 3 cinnamon sticks for 5 minutes.  Turn off heat, set for 30 minutes and bottle.  Keep in fridge for use in cocktails, coffee, on ice cream etc.