223 Tiki Oasis 2011: South of the Border

Aloha and Bienvenidos!  Sunshine, Kalani and Starshine are just now back from Tiki Oasis: South of the Border.  We had an amazing weekend and had the chance to record a "live" podcast just before our room party.  A big Mahalo to listeners Stephen, Michalee, Ann, Damon, Randy, Julian and KC for joining us for cocktails, chit chat and shenanigans.  Stephen brought his Chalkboard Ukulele and inducted the hosts of ZTL into the Chalkboard Ukulele blog.  Damon and Randy drove (flew) all the way from Wisconsin their home tiki bar, Let's Tiki.  Check out the blog and videos for more tiki culture.  And for a video who's who of Tiki Oasis, watch Lost In Paradise.  Sunshine mixes up Baja Aloha for you at the portable tiki bar and great interviews with bands, artists and lots more.  Obviously we ha lots of fun and plenty to do to keep us occupied at the largest tiki gathering on the west coast.  Back by listener request is "Whats in Kalani's Bra."  Hear all the after party shenanigans and feel like you were there with us.