220 More Zen In Your Tiki Drink

Alooooooha Listners!  This weeks podcast is mostly an open forum for those who asked questions, tweeted and took a few moments to fill out our listener survey.  The results are a little all over the place, but still make for good conversation.  But for starters, its a new cocktail and some surf exotica.  Aqua Velvets, The Revomatics, Cosmonauti and Clousseaux just to name a few.  Our zen inspiration this week comes from very ordinary people who blog their thoughts online.  It isn't hard to simply search for words like "10 minutes of zen," or "finding your inner zen," to get plenty of things to read or do.  Sunshine and Starshine simply advise that making a commitment to do something for yourself that makes you feel good, does good and hopefully benefits others in the long run.  So you've had a drink, heard some great tunes and found your inner zen.  Now how about an update on our room crawl for Tiki Oasis, cash or credit, gay history in California, bacon gets expensive, flamingos wearing sombreros and plenty of shenanigans.  Whew!  Something for everyone.  Tell a friend.  Subscribe by clicking one of the links above.  Enjoy the show.  Mahalo.