218 Google+ Cocktails = Shenanigans

Our show starts with a sweet and tasty libation direct from Kahuna Kevin's Rum Cocktails book.  We enjoy "Ginger and Mary Ann" while the ladies tell tales of menstrual cycles synchronizing and Pop Tart blasphemy.  If you haven't already snatched up a copy of the fully illustrated book by Kahuna Kevin, click the link above to get yours.  Armed with great companionship and potent drinks we dive into a myriad of inappropriate subjects on this weeks show.  Is the Pope tweeting?  Who cares!  Is Michele Bachman a crazy batshit danger to us all?  YES!  Is it better to invest in the stock market, or get drunk and hide your money?  We discuss the pros and cons.  What about that new fangled Google+?  Sunshine is already meeting lots of tiki friends on the newest kid on the social networking block.  And thats just for starters.  Plenty of tiki goodness too.  Just a short time till we see you all at Tiki Oasis, the biggest event this Summer.  The San Diego ukelele festival is July 14-16, another don't miss event.  Also, be sure to friend us on facebook if you haven't already.  We like friends.  We like you.  Enjoy the show.  Mahalo. Song of the week: Trip to Cannes by Lushy