216 Get That Bar Ready for Summer

Sunshine and Pumpkin folic in the lounge with a stiff cocktail and plenty of inspiration after a long week at work.  The show starts with some shouts to friends and partners in our ever growing tiki community.  If you haven't already checked out the Velveteen Lounge Kitsch-en, you simply must.  Hostess with the mostess, Kelly Patterson takes on a video podcast journey back to the days of canned meats, tiki drinks and kitschy pop goodness.  We also give a found shout to our growing friendship with the folks at PopTiki.com.  Get some of the most unique tiki mugs and other hand crafted artifacts made by a family in Colorado.  Sunshine has been drinking all his beverages from their awesome Moai mug, that he named Richard.  Our listener Heather asked us about Summer bar tips and Sunshine has plenty to say about getting your bar ready after a cold and dust collecting winter.  Pumpkin is ripe with vegan snack ideas and gives a review of her visit to a food truck festival that had plenty of vegan, vegetarian and green options.  For those of you that don't tune in for the tiki we have plenty to offer.  Including, our zen moment at the end of the show.  We discuss the new Miss USA who loves science and is actually very intelligent.  And, some tips for eco footwear that is not only good for the tootsies, but is good for our planet as well.  Check out Okabashi.com for your own pair.  Enjoy the show and tell a friend.