213 Tiki Caliente III "LIVE" Podcast

Well, we dodged the rapture.  And what better way to spend our last moments on earth that at Tiki Caliente III.  This years event was nothing short of spectacular.  Rory Wildsville Man Snyder really knows how to put on an event.  Sunshine and Starshine invite folks into our make shift ZTL headquarters and room party to record a "live" podcast.  We served our two signature cocktails of the weekend, sames ones that literally hundreds of people enjoyed at our room crawl.  While recording the show we gave a great big shout to Pop Tiki of Colorado, check them out for some beyond AWESOME mugs, bowls and more.  Miss Charming AKA Cheryl Charming has not only written some great cocktail books, but her new cocktail triva app was used as a fun party game during our podcast this week.  We highly recommend both Pop Tiki and Miss Trivia, the new app.  Lets not forget that this years event was sponsored by Appleton Rum and Asombroso Tequila.  Both are great top shelf liquors and were used in our signature drinks this year.  A special thanks to Appleton who hosted their own room party right next to us, it was fun working together and meeting new friends.  We couldn't possibly squeeze it all into one show, so catch us again in two weeks for a full recap of everything Tiki Caliente and a sneak peek at one of the newest and next great events coming at ya real soon.