209 Tiki Goes Topless

You may recall that on last weeks podcast we declared that we would try a "Toptional" show.  Well, we did it.  Sunshine lost his shirt first, followed by Kalani and Pumpkin only gave us a quick flash.  Too bad the show is audio only.  One may ask, how do you get everyone to take their shirts off?  Cocktails of course.  Rather than mix up a specific drink with a recipe, Sunshine combined the proper amounts of rum, juice and extras to lower inhibitions and increase shenanigans.  Mission accomplished.  Our musical selections this week are inspired by the amazing Les Baxter and similar sounds like Kava Kon and Skip Heller.  There are a lot of similarities in original exotica and today's  artists.  But you have to get out there and find them all.  We recommend facebook as a place you can find fan pages and fans of great new and classic exotica.  Pumpkin is back in the lounge again sharing some tiki news, mostly events in Hawaii.  Sunshine reminds everyone that Tiki Oasis and Tiki-Caliente are on the way and you want to book rooms for the later NOW!  With three of us in the lounge there is plenty more banter for anyone with just about any taste to find something interesting.  Enjoy the show!