200 Tiki Caliente Heats Up The Lounge

Aloha and welcome to our 200th podcast.  We are the dimly lit tiki bar that lives in your head.  Our show this week has all four hosts you have come to love and adore, plenty of music and a good measure of the cocktails and shenanigans you have come to expect. Sunshine unveils the tangerine liquor that he's been working on for Kalani.  Fresh juice, zest, honey and plenty of 151 combine to make a pretty decent citrus concoction.  We wish we could say the first cocktail using this liquor were astonishing.  But not so much.  Back to the bar.

Is it getting hot?  Hotter every day.  Tiki Caliente is heating this May 20-22 in sunny Palm Springs, CA.  Listen to the podcast for details on rooms, music, vendors and more..  Tiki Caliente official site...

Show material this week includes: Starshine and Pumpkin share how they use sex as motivation for husbands/boyfriends.  Kalani disagress with this method, preferring plain old suggestion.  Sunshine is fascinated by the crazy questions people are asked in interviews.  We all take a moment to remember our favorite times here in the Zen Tiki Lounge.  After 200 shows we certainly have plenty of memories, hundreds of hours of banter and as many consumed cocktails.  This is the good life.

Enjoy the show!